ACCRAM – Technolgy Solutions Provider

Private Cloud Solutions for Your Security and Scaled For Growth!

Private Clouds are designed as an environment solely dedicated to your business. No shared resources or rack space, your servers are virtualized and secured in our data center with completely isolated access to ensure the top level of security for your network.

As your business grows and evolves, your infrastructure needs to adapt and grow with you in real time! With customizable solutions that can be adjusted based on the resources being used, you will have an adaptable solution built for your business with security in place to ensure business continuity. 

No shared resources (including computing, bandwidth, or power). With a Private Cloud environment hosted at our secured local data center, you are able to better predict the resources needed to run your business. Predictable items with a Private Cloud include scalability for additional resources needed to eliminate bottlenecks and downtime.

Your data security and stability increase dramatically when moving to a Cloud hosting platform. Enjoy the security and compliancy’s for your sensitive data with HIPAA compliant solutions and protocals for disaster recovery and backups. 

Your environment is easily customizable to fit your specific needs based on your company size, industry, growth and goals to better manage your infrastructure efficiently around your business.

The Power of Private Cloud Solutions Can Be Yours!

With a Private Cloud solution, you can remove the restrictions of having to work in your office or the concerns about security when working remotely. Let us show you how a Private Cloud is the solution for today's growing businesses!