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Physical Security Solutions Available Nationwide!

Customizable Physical Security Solutions with the flexibility to allow changes in real-time! 

While some companies have moved to a remote workforce, there is still a need for physical security for your building and monitor activities during business hours and after your employees have left for the day. 
With our cutting-edge CCTV Security Cameras, you can easily access your system’s cameras from any mobile device through a simple-to-use app to monitor your office and receive alerts. And if there is an issue, you can easily mark those items to review later or download and share!
Need a better option for who is entering the building? Our customizable access control solutions allow you to have the hardware that works best for your building as well as badge and keypad options so you can have a record of when an employee enters and leaves the building from each specific door. 
With our managed access solution, you will receive live updates from the manufacturer, the ability to review and download log data and make any changes to access in real-time to ensure your building’s security. 

Security Options For Your Offices Nationwide!

With Accram's customizable security options, you will have peace of mind that whether working remotely or in the office your building is secured with real-time access from anywhere!