ACCRAM – Technolgy Solutions Provider

“The Only Way to Do Great Work is to Love What You Do!” –Steve Jobs


Through our long history as a technology provider, we have seen many wins and fails in our industry as well in the world. But one thing that has not changed in our over 40 years in business is our drive to succeed, and our deep-rooted love for absolutely everything technology!

Our company was founded on the belief that every business owner deserved the best in technology by a team that they could trust. And while the days of a handshake closing a deal are gone, we still feel that if you give a customer your word that you will handle something that it will be done. Hence our long-standing #1 core value: “Never Promise What You Can’t Deliver and Always Deliver What You Promise!”

Over 40 Years Later, Our Company is Still Growing and Changing the IT Landscape for Decades to Come!

Through the decades, Accram has changed its services and logo but we have never lost the drive that was instilled by our President when he first founded the business in 1981. Accram promises to always deliver what we promise, and exceed our clients expectations. Let us show you how working with Accram can change the way you think of IT!

So what is in a name? Over the years, our Founder & President Bob Daquilante has been asked either how to pronounce Accram or even what it means. Would you guess that it is an acronym? ACCRAM stands for “Arizona Computer Consulting Repair And Maintenance”. 


Scroll down for more fun facts and information on our companies history over the decades. 

Accram is Founded in October 1981!

With the drive of a young entrepreneur who had years of experience with technology repairs through his tenure at Honeywell & Sparry Flight Systems, Accram was founded by our President & CEO Bob Daquilante. Granted at the beginning we focused on onsite monitor repairs, we quickly evolved into a whole IT solution that was still a new concept for '80s business owners.


Our Low Voltage Cabling Division Was Born!

As technology continued to evolve and the internet was becoming more mainstream, the need for network cabling for businesses quickly grew. Accram saw this change coming and opened our Low Voltage Cabling Division to better assist our clients with overall connectivity between office suites and the "World Wide Web".


Nationwide Repairs and Maintenance

At this point, Accram was already a leader in the industry with our innovative ideas and solutions to offer businesses throughout Phoenix so we branched out to offer our expertise to businesses across the West Coast. This quickly evolved to clients contacting Accram on the East Coast and abroad (including Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico and Canada). Today our National Services department is thriving and offering not only printer and copier repairs but smart hands services and Co-Managed IT Services to our larger nationwide clients.


Mobile Office - Offering Cloud Solutions to Small Businesses!

Back in 2012, the Cloud was still in theory a new solution but Accram took this chance to relaunch our services yet again and offer our very own Cloud Service named "Mobile Office". What started as a small rack of virtual servers turned into our leading Cloud Platform where thousands of servers and virtual machines are hosted from and accessed 24hrs a day through our secure connections.


Mobile Security

As the Cloud continues to evolve, so did our security practices to ensure network safety and reliance to our clients. Accram was on the forefront of assisting clients with their remote workers who were accessing our Cloud products throughout the country as well as from remote locations (including during events based on a cruise in the middle of the ocean!)


Celebrating 40 Years of Tech!

Since the day our founder started Accram, our goal has been to offer the best in technology for all businesses. Today we proudly celebrate a successful and triumphant 40 years as an IT industry leader!

New-School Tech with Old-School Values

After 40 years of offering the best in technology solutions, it is easy to see why Accram is still a leader in the IT industry! Call us today for support in Everything IT!