ACCRAM – Technolgy Solutions Provider

"Great things in business are never done by one person; they're done by a team of people." -Steve Jobs

Accram was founded with the ideal of offering the best in technology services to our clients with the core focus that has continued to drive our business:


“Never Promise What You Can’t Deliver and Always Deliver What You Promise”


Since 1981, Accram has been offering the best in technology advancements to offer our clients a better experience as the world around us continues to evolve. And over our 40 years of business, we have continued to offer our clients the best solutions to suit their business based on their needs.


When our founder, Bob Daquilante, first started Accram we specialized in on-premise services that consisted of monitor repairs which quickly evolved into workstation management as computers became the foundation for productivity, then on-premise servers when the internet became the norm for everyday life.


And through each turn that technology made, we continued to believe that the best solution we can ever offer is the promise of technology.


Today, we are a leader in the Information Technology industry that excels in each facet of technology. So whether a client is in need of a hosting solution, consultations for the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape, or on-prem repairs: Accram will also deliver the promises we make to support your network because each business’s needs are different.I


It is the passion for technology that our leaders hold true that has pushed us to be a successful IT provider and offering our employees the drive needed to excel in technology and customer service.


Accram is proud of the services we provide and our leadership is the cornerstone of the business to continue our success for decades to come!

Bob Daquilante

Bob Daquilante

Founder, President & CEO

Starting his career with Honeywell and Sperry Flight Systems, Bob was responsible for maintaining fourteen Boeing flight simulators in three cities. Through the in-depth training with DEC/IBM/WANG and Data General, Bob saw an opportunity to start his own IT Service & Consulting firm.

Since founding Accram in 1981, Bob has been flourished as an entrepreneur and has been recognized as an integral part and leader of the IT community for over 40 years.

During his long career in technology services, Bob has consulted with business owners on the importance of network security and assisting with the ongoing changes and advancement in technology to help them see the necessary next steps as a business owner as well as a company leader.

The core focus of Accram is security, disaster recovery and business continuity. With Bob’s strong leadership and experience, we achieve these objectives using various endpoint management tools, internal processes, and continual training throughout our executive team to assist in the continued growth and success of Accram and its team members.

Traci Aldano

Traci Aldano

Vice President & Operational/Financial Expert

Recognized as a transformational leader with a unique ability to create a vision / strategy and rally an organization to successfully execute against it, resulting in revenue acceleration, improved profitability and enhanced organizational effectiveness.

Deep financial expertise in executing business strategies to align sales finance & operations with product development and marketing organizations. Proven track record of delivering successful merger and acquisition results from due diligence through integration and executing changes in global decision-making through building effective, cross-functional and collaborative teams.

As the Vice President for Accram, Traci has an extensive and diversified background in IT operations, customer services, sales and business management. Traci prides herself in being a strategic business partner, interpreting financial results and analysis resulting in improved business decisions and bottom-line results.

Carrie Anne Roethler

Carrie Anne Roethler

Operations Manager

Since joining the Accram team in 2007, Carrie Anne has been an integral part of the core foundation within Accram as well as a contributor to our internal growth and offering the best solutions for our clients.

During her long career with Accram, Carrie Anne has flourished from being a dispatcher to managing our national service team, then overseeing our marketing/customer relations department and now in her latest role as Operations Manager.

With her extensive experience in customer service as well as team building, Carrie Anne offers her expertise with managing the daily operations of Accram as well as overseeing our Support Divisions to ensure the best experience for our clients.

Cody Engilman

Cody Engilman

Sales Director & Cybersecurity Expert

For over 15 years, Cody has worked side by side with the leaders SMB & Enterprise Level businesses by developing a relationship founded on honesty and trust to assist with their cybersecurity and overall IT needs. As their businesses continue to grow, Cody acts as a third-part COI to assist and lead the conversation to leverage and help maintain cyber & data security measures to assure that their networks are fully managed and secured.

With his extensive knowledge of business fundamentals, overall risk levels for various industries and an understanding of the costs that businesses incur, Cody is highly motivated and driven to help all leaders choose the correct IT solutions to help their businesses continue to thrive.

As the Sales Director for Accram, Cody is offering his expertise and experience to our loyal clients and partners to help them further grow and prosper while keeping their cyber & data security needs at top of mind.

Carl Cooper

Carl Cooper

Cabling Manager & Low Voltage Expert

Carl has over 24 years of experience working on the physical layer of IT connectivity. He enjoys figuring out the best ways to connect devices to each other. This can include selecting media types, establishing pathways, and advising topology methods to implement.

With his extensive field experience, Carl has dealt with many building types and a wide variety of devices such as phones, computers, WiFi, CCTV cameras, and access control. He is constantly researching new products and technologies to use in making sure our customers get a clean and reliable cable plant.

As the Cabling Manager for Accram, Carl works with the sales team to ensure the best solutions are offered to each customer. He also oversees the cabling team that implements those solutions, staying in communication and being available until the project is finished and the customer is satisfied.