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Microsoft 365 tools have been the anchor for users to complete many tasks they have at hand; whether it be the popular office tools (like Excel, Word, and PowerPoint), many have enjoyed and utilized these tools on a daily basis. 

But did you know that there are so many more tools included with your M365 license than just the popular desktop items on your taskbar? 

With remote workers changing the landscape for how businesses are running and growing, it is time to optimize your existing Microsoft 365 environment and use all the tools included to their full potential and watch your companies productivity skyrocket! 

SharePoint is a web-based platform that was creative with team-based interactions in mind. Finally, a secure place for you to not only store your documents but also work with your team in real-time for live edits on commonly used documents throughout your office. Keep track of all revisions in real-time and offer your team live collaborating tools included in your M365 license!

Have documents that you need saved on the Microsoft platform, but not for live edits across your department? Welcome to OneDrive! With your M365 license, you now have a personal Cloud based file repository for all documents to ensure they are secure and easily recoverable through the web-based OneDrive application. 

Through Teams, your team can now enjoy the accessibility and collaboration that comes with instant messaging but even use their Voice and Video features for screen-sharing and calling tools. All through the same desktop application, included with their M365 license! 

As you optimize your Microsoft 365 suite, you need to make sure that your data is secure! With MFA (multi-factor authentication) built for M365, you can ensure that only authorized persons are accessing your data by completing a series of verification protocols that you define!

When it comes to your businesses needs, there may be some confusion on what license will best fit a specific user and their needs. Through M365 optimizations, you can easily review and choose the license that best fits the needs of each user. No more having to pay for licenses that aren’t being used to their full benefit – you can choose the solution that fits your business best! 

As with all solutions for file storage and sharing, you want to ensure that they are backed up and easily recoverable in the event of an accidental deletion. With our SaaS M365 Backup Solution, all files saved within your M365 account (including emails and documents saved in SharePoint or OneDrive) are backed up nightly and can be recovered in the event of accidental deletion.