ACCRAM – Technolgy Solutions Provider

Infrastructure and Low Voltage Cabling Solutions

From your servers to the computers used to access your data, the infrastructure that runs your business needs to be running and fully optimized for the best results and user experience! 

Growth happens. As your business expands, your network and infrastructure need to grow and expand with it. 

Our team of certified engineers will be your first line of defense for activities affecting your network, but also any physical updates. This includes adds, moves, and changes as well as ongoing upgrades or maintenance as devices age. So whether your company is moving locations or expanding its number of users, our team of experts will design and implement your new environment with little to no disruption or downtime. 

When you partner with Accram for your tenant improvement needs, you will work with a skilled team with over 25 years of experience who will work with you from the initial phase of drawing plans to implementation and testing. At the end of each project, you will receive test results for each cable tested as well as an update topography diagram for your infrastructure. Rest assured that when you contact Accram as your Low Voltage contractor, your project will be done on-time and on budget! 

Our team of experts can work with you to design the infrastructure around your needs and the layout of your new office space. From the cable drops at each desk to power VoIP phones to the computers and network hardware that will be installed in the closet. Accram is your source for a full network and infrastructure solution.

As your company grows and expands, things in your physical space will need to evolve with you. Accram specializes in tenant improvements & adds, moves, and changes to existing environments to help create your current space into the office you need!