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Your Office Anywhere, Anytime with Mobile Office

The Cloud was created for businesses to be able to actively access their data from anywhere and have peace of mind knowing that their data was protected. But as more organizations are moving to The Cloud, the concerns for data security become even greater…                           

Business is no longer done in an office where your staff is at a desk for 8+ hours each day. Employees are working from home, meetings are being done over Zoom, and more business owners find themselves working from a laptop with the open WiFi available at coffee shops while traveling to meet with clients.
If your company no longer runs from an office, then why still have the mindset that you need a server onsite? And what about your backups? With Mobile Office, you will have the security of knowing your data is secured no matter where you are accessing it from, the ability to log in day or night from anywhere, and the peace of mind that your data is backed up and constantly monitored through our AI to ensure your network is running flawlessly.

Your Mobile Office Includes: 

State of the Art virus, malware protection, and ransomware detection all monitored 24×7 so you always have eyes on your network and data.

Get the most of your Microsoft 365 account with customized and optimized configurations so your users get the most of their M365 application suite.

Backups are no longer a pain point for your business. Nightly backups performed automatically and secured to ensure your data is accessible from anywhere, anytime.

Your office is always up to date, proactively secured, backed up, and fully monitored so you can focus on your business.