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Did Chicken Little Have the Right Approach All Along?
We could learn a lot from Chicken Little to apply to all areas of business management - including IT Security!

Do you remember the story of Chicken Little? You know, the baby chick that kept proclaiming that the sky was falling when an acorn bopped it on the head? 


To that little chicken, the acorn falling on its head was the end of times and it did everything possible to warn its friends and family that the “sky was falling” and world was coming to an end. But to the animals around him, this seemed to be a never-ending rant from a confused little chick.

Sometimes in our lives, we are surrounded by little nuisances that are constantly in our ear about different ways to make our lives better – whether it be through a new hair treatment, better dieting, best practices to advance your career… the list goes on and on.
And don’t get me started on the constant reach out to better your business practices… can we get someone to change the tempo? Think I’ve heard the same song at least 10 million times at this point…
At the end of the day, even though they are annoying, sometimes these articles are meant to help us learn about changes in our environment or industry to protect ourselves… including data security and ransomware warnings.
I know, now you’re probably thinking “C’mon, Carrie, data security again? Didn’t you just post the latest hacker attack the other day? You sound like a broken record!”
But the truth is, the threats against businesses and your data are more real than ever so I have taken on the role of Chicken Little for the IT industry to warn you about the ransomware acorns looming over your head.

Here are the top Ransomware Delivery Methods & Vulnerabilities:


  • 66% report phishing emails

  • 24% report malicious websites or web ads

  • 21% are caused by clickbait

  • 33% of companies lack end-user cybersecurity training

  • 28% report poor user practices or gullibility

  • 28% caused by weak passwords or access management

But how does this happen? Even the best firewall and anti-virus programs money can buy cannot replace the most important tool to keeping your network and business safe… your employees and internal network security policies!

Believe it or not, end-user error is the common denominator when it comes to any data breaches or ransomware attacks – which means that if a proper training and policies were in place, these could have been avoided and saved millions of dollars (and countless hours of unnecessary stress or downtime).

Here are the facts:

  • Between Q2 2016 and Q2 2018, 79% of MSP’s in the United States reported ransomware attacks against their clients. And 55% of these attacks were within the first 6 months of 2018 alone!

  • Sadly only 1 in 4 Ransomware attacks are reported to the authorities which means that millions of attacks that could have been prevented are simply handled and inadvertently swept under the rug. These breaches are often not properly handled or reported to the authorities, meaning there is no hope for advancements or prevention practices for any specific attack that could save future potential victims.

  • The cost of business downtime is 10X greater than the cost of the ransom requested. Yes, I said 10X greater!
With the constant influx of reports and updates finding their way in front of you on a daily basis, you would think that more businesses would be proactive to make sure that they have a disaster recovery plan in place for WHEN (not if… when) a ransomware attack happens. Sadly, the truth is that most business owners are using the “head in the sand” approach and believe they are too small for a data breack. 
Don’t just wait around and hope that you will not be the next victim because your company is under 100 employees… did you know that 71% of ransomware attacks in 2018 targeted small businesses and averaged $116,000 in ransom demands to get the companies data back.
With all this data in front of you, you are most likely feeling a little overwhelmed and left wishing that you could go back to the glorious days of dodging imaginary acorns; but this is the world we live in now so it is important to always be prepared… even if it means listening to a crazy little chicken and putting your hard hat on before going outside!
If you would like more information on best data security practices or business continuity plans for your business, reach out to me and I will be happy to help make sure that your business’s network is healthy and able to keep growing for years to come!
Because at the end of the day we are all just one step closer to that hacking acorn hitting us in the head!
Meet the Blogger!

Meet the Blogger!

As the Marketing Director for Accram, Carrie Anne is able to bring her love for writing & technology to our clients in an informative and fun way! In her blogs, we strive to bring you information that can help improve your business in a new way that is not only educational and entertaining way. Enjoy!